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Our opening exhibition used pieces from our collection to illustrate the diversity of Australian contemporary ceramics over the last fifty years.

It demonstrated the move from earthenware and brightly-coloured glazes imported from England to stoneware with locally sourced clays and glazes during the 1960s and 1970s.

Other displays explored the relationship between form, firing technique and surface decoration, and the use of Australian motifs in production ware.

The featured potter was Chris Sanders.

The featured form was the casserole dish.

Gallery notes (pdf file, 584 kb)

Season 1

September 2009 to May 2010

Stories from the Collection

Carl Cooper. Dish with sgraffito fish

Post-war Melbourne

Allan Lowe, Arthur Merric Boyd, Carl Cooper, David and Hermia Boyd, Ellis Ceramics, Eric Juckert, Gunda, Klytie Pate, Robert and Margot Beck, Tom Sanders

Illustrated: Carl Cooper. Dish with sgraffito fish

Artur Halpern. Shallow bowl


Artur and Sylvia Halpern, Charles Wilton, Stanislaw Halpern, Fritz and Kate Janeba, Helen and Peter Laycock, Betty and Gus McLaren, Phyl Dunn, Reg Preston

Illustrated: Artur Halpern. Shallow bowl

Col Levy. High-sided bowl

The stoneware revolution

Leach Pottery (St Ives), Harold Hughan, Col Levy, Ian Sprague, Judy Lorraine, Robin Welch, Victor Greenaway

Illustrated: Col Levy. High-sided bowl

John Gilbert. Coffee pot

Bendigo and Ballarat

Bendigo Pottery, Doug Alexander, Edinburgh Pottery, John Gilbert, Malcolm Cooke, Old Ballarat Pottery, Wayne Coulter

Illustrated: John Gilbert. Coffee pot

Les Blakebrough. Vase with ragged top

New South Wales

Post-war Sydney, Sturt Pottery, National Art School, Blackfriars, Terrey Hills

Illustrated: Les Blakebrough. Vase with ragged top

Harry Memmott. Jug


Carl McConnell, Dorothy Hope, Harry Memmott, Hatton Beck, Maria Degeus, Milton Moon

Illustrated: Harry Memmott. Jug

Pippin Drysdale. Tanami series vase

Interesting surfaces

Carved and pierced, crystalline, glaze-over-glaze, hakeme, lustre, neriage, raku, salt-glazed, wood-fired

Illustrated: Pippin Drysdale. Tanami series vase

Graham Masters. Plant holder

Australian motifs

Annette de Jongh, Annie Mitchell, Barambah Pottery, Sandi Hodges, Graham Masters, Marianne Cole, Taggerty Pottery, etc

Illustrated: Graham Masters. Plant holder

Chris Sanders. Lidded jar

Featured potter

Chris Sanders

Illustrated: Chris Sanders. Lidded jar

Victor Greenaway. Casserole dish

Featured form

The casserole dish

Illustrated: Victor Greenaway. Casserole dish


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