Hope, Dorothy

Dorothy Hope (1917-2013) first learnt pottery at Nell McCredie's studio in 1941. Ten years later, she trained at the St George Technical College, before setting up her own workshop and school at Yowie Bay. For six years, she employed a small team to make slipcast ware under the label 'Domay', sold mainly through David Jones. In 1962, she and her husband Jack moved to Port Macquarie and set up the Thrumster Village Pottery with adjoining showroom and exhibition space. For the first six years, they produced earthenware from local clay and oxides. In 1967, they met Carl McConnell, who became a frequent visitor, helping the Hopes to build a wood-fired kiln, and to convert to stoneware and once-firing. Later, they changed to oil-firing and Dorothy started making large sculptural pieces and commissioned wall panels. In 1968, they started holding craft exhibitions. In 1975, they added two new buildings to the complex to enable Dorothy and other makers to hold weekend and week-long schools, and also to stage festivals. In 1982, Jack built the Log Cabin Gallery as a third exhibition space. In 1986, they retired and sold the property, which still operates as a craft centre. In 1990, Dorothy published a slim book entitled Impressions in clay about her life as a potter. Her work is marked with an impressed 'DH' and 'TV' for Thrumster Village. Jack, who did the jigger and jolleying work, used an incised 'JH' and 'TV'.

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Dorothy Hope. Bottle-shaped vase Hope, Dorothy Dorothy Hope. Bottle-shaped vase $190.00 Buy Now
Dorothy Hope. Drip-glaze bowl Hope, Dorothy Dorothy Hope. Drip-glaze bowl $120.00 Buy Now
Dorothy Hope. Vase Hope, Dorothy Dorothy Hope. Vase $35.00
Dorothy Hope. Vase Hope, Dorothy Dorothy Hope. Vase $90.00 Buy Now

Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 items)
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