Crowe, Greg

English-born Greg Crowe (1953- ) was first introduced to pottery in 1974 while training as an architect at WAIT (now Curtin University) in Perth, WA. He completed his architecture studies but followed this with a BA Design (Ceramics) in 1979 and set up Hovea Pottery the following year adjacent to his home, 25 kilometres east of Perth. In 1985, he built a wood-fired salt kiln at Hovea with Fergus Stewart. Since then he has specialised in wood-firing and salt-glazing, In 1992 he worked with wood firer Sven Bayer in Devon, UK. In 1996-1998 he built an anagama kiln in WA's south-west. For most of his career, he has also balanced his professional practice with teaching at tertiary level. Recently he has been exploring the creation of texture as part of the throwing process, by expanding and stretching the clay on the wheel. He signs his work with an impressed 'GC'.

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Greg Crowe. Shallow bowl Crowe, Greg Greg Crowe. Shallow bowl $100.00

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