Braemore-Carstens was the trademark used for a range of modernist vases, bowls, etc made at Braemore Pottery in Sydney, NSW, from around 1965-1973, to designs created by the German company Carstens. Work was slip-cast with wax resist decoration and marked with an embossed B-C with a four-digit model number and/or a silver and red paper label. Examples may also have an Australian-made sticker (as part of the 1960s Operation Boomerang campaign) and the incised initials of the maker.

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Braemore-Carstens. Jug Braemore-Carstens Braemore-Carstens. Jug $70.00 Buy Now
Braemore-Carstens. Vase Braemore-Carstens Braemore-Carstens. Vase $50.00

Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 items)
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